What are the Best Shows on Netflix?

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Better Call Saul. House of Cards. Narcos. Orange is the new Black and many more – all the best of American Netflix served on a platter, right in Australia.

Netflix is promoting good shows in Australia, but its US version is just out of this world.

US Netflix Top 10

Now, imagine devouring all the currently running good TV shows on Netflix in America – right from your home! Enough to make your pulse race and the mercury soar?

Unbelievable, but possible!

Netflix in the US is everyone’s favourite, thanks to its amazing content quality.

The list of good shows on American Netflix is too long to share here. But I’ve tried giving you a list of the current top ten, just to get those juices flowing!

The Top Ten Shows Airing on US Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet Santa Clarita Diet

Married realtors Sheila and Joel live a relaxed life with their daughter in Santa Clarita. Suddenly, her life changes drastically when Sheila (played by Hollywood star Drew Barrymore!) goes through a transformation amid death and destruction…yet it makes her feel on top of the world.

House of Cards

Frank Underwood played by Hollywood Star Kevin Spacey is a brutal Congressman. Along with his equally conniving wife, he sets out to seek revenge on people who betrayed him – a story of blackmail, seduction and ruthless ambition.

Better Call Saul Better Call Saul

This is a spin-off prequel of Vince Gilligan’s immensely popular Breaking Bad. It focuses on the trials and tribulations of criminal lawyer, Jimmy McGill as he struggles to make a decent life. This dark and quirky drama stands tall without being overshadowed by the one that spawned it.

Orange is the new Black

This comedy-drama is the story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties, who is charged with transporting money for her drug dealing friend. She is sent to prison where she must change her ways to fit in.

Daredevil Daredevil

Daredevil is the story of Matt Murdock – a blind man, who is an attorney by day and vigilante by night. One, he has to believe in the criminal justice system, two, his alter ego rebels, forcing him to take the law into his own hands.

Stranger Things

When her 12-year-old son goes missing, award-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers starts a massive investigation. Slowly, mysteries involving covert government experiments come to light, with supernatural forces and an unusual little girl.

Sense8 sense8

Created by the Matrix Reloaded team, this drama has an international star cast and a global premise. Eight strangers around the globe find themselves linked. As they try finding answers, a mysterious organization does everything to destroy them.


In this show, American Netflix takes the biographical route, taking on the infamous Medellin drug cartel. The drama depicts the rise and fall of the notorious Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Law Enforcement Agency hunting him.

Bloodline Bloodline

This thriller digs into the underlying demons that simmer beneath the façade of a modern American family. Trouble starts as dark secrets from their past come calling. The family disintegrates as good people start doing some very bad things.

Grace and Frankie

This comedy drama comes with an unusual storyline. It reveals the future of two women as their husbands fall in love and decide to get married.

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