Crime Thrillers on Netflix

Top Crime Thriller Movies

Nothing is more satisfying to watch than a well-executed crime thriller, except perhaps an original hilarious comedy. Fortunately, the America Netflix library is filled with sublime crime thriller and drama movies if you’re interested in content portraying the darker elements of life.

The Usual SuspectsThe Usual Suspects

Perhaps Stephen Baldwin’s best movie ever, The Usual Suspects is the flawless blueprint for the mystery thriller genre. A burned-out boat, several dead criminals and a lone survivor to reveal the twisting tale of how it all took place. Keven Spacey tells a layered story to the detectives whichkeep you on the edge of your seat, and it goes without saying that watching him act is a pleasure in itself.



Pulp FictionPulp Fiction

This is one movie for which a mere five-star rating cannot do justice. It is a non-linear tale of two hitmen, a mob boss’s wife, and a washed-up boxer in LA, filled with black humor, harsh dialogue and liberal violence. This movie singlehandedly reignited John Travolta’s career and cemented his and Samuel L. Jackson’s status as pop culture idols.


The Boondock SaintsThe Boondock Saints

Panned by critics, yet having garnered a cult following, this movie is both an excellent action movie and a crime drama in its own right. It tells the tale of Irish twins fighting corruption in their city with vigilante justice. The film borrows liberally from Tarantino’s work in this regard, but it is overblown in a way that even Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction weren’t.



End of WatchEnd of Watch

It bears similarity to another good cop movie, Colors, and reveals the dangers of being a police officer in LA, in a nearly documentary-like manner. It is apparent from the start that David Ayer’s tale of two young cops who become involved in the Mexican Cartel’s LA sect won’t end well, but it is still thrilling to watch the story play out to its satisfying conclusion.




When you watch this movie for the first time, it may seem confusing, but you’ll still enjoy it a lot.This is, after all, the hallmark of a Christopher Nolan film. It is the story of a man who cannot make new memories and is looking for his wife’s killer. The story is told in a non-linear fashion and is set against a neo-noir jigsaw backdrop, which is a far cry from the average revenge story.





This flick by Steven Soderbergh described the illegal drug trade from four separate perspectives: politicians, enforcers, pushers, and users. The stories overlap and drive home the idea that the effects of the societal plague are not divided into black and white, that there are no obvious winners. This movie also spawned others that tried to imitate its styles such as Crash and 21 Grams.

Along Came A SpiderAlong Came A Spider

Starring Morgan Freeman, this movie is a far cry from Se7en. It is a sequel to Kiss The Girls, and detective Alex Cross is recovering from the grief of his lost partner when he has to handle a case of kidnapping before the girls become the psychopath’s next victim.

These were but a few of the best crime dramas on Netflix. If you’re a fan of this genre, it is recommended to get the Netflix USA subscription to enjoy the most extensive collection.