Get US Netflix in Australia

With Netflix establishing itself officially in Australia, many Aussies who have previously been using the service through smart DNS and VPN services are beginning to wonder whether they should cancel their subscriptions and make a fresh start with Netflix Australia. Before jumping the wagon though, you should consider this – the official Netflix in Australia has nothing over the American Netflix’s library, which is absolutely huge full of TV and movies, and is virtually the most comprehensive in all Netflix regions.

US Netflix

Put another way, you’re still much better off sticking to your / getting a US Netflix subscription in combination with a smart DNS service such as Unblock-US. True that you’re treading a legal grey area, but Netflix has not openly forbidden this practice, and you will still be paying for the service with real money, which is a far cry from pirating or torrenting it.

How to watch Netflix USA in Australia

To watch Netflix US on your console or smart television or media player, you’ll first have to get past the geo-restriction preventing you from accessing it outside of the US.

The best way of doing this today is to employ a smart DNS service that will trick Netflix into believing that you’re requesting content from inside the US, when really, you’re sitting on your couch in Australia. One of the most popular DNS service providers is Unblock-US. It comes with a free seven-day trial; that doesn’t ask for credit card details upfront, and costs only $4.99 after the trial!

  • Begin by registering yourself for the free seven day trial at unNetflix Navigate to their home page, remembering not to click on the sign-up button since it will prevent you from getting the free trial.
  • Afterwards, go to their How to Set Up page to get details on how to set up your device with the DNS settings they provide. Even though you can configure each device individually, we would advise you to configure your main router with the DNS settings, so you don’t have to go the trouble of updating each device’s settings manually.

Some general recommendations

Before modifying the DNS settings on your device to the values provided by Unblock-US, write down the current server addresses/settings on a piece of paper as a backup. This will make it easy for you to revert to the original settings if something goes wrong.

We would also recommend that you keep a printed copy of this article with you while you go about changing the DNS settings of your device/devices, if you inadvertently mess up an internet setting that then prevents you from accessing this web page via your browser.

Furthermore, some devices may require an app to be downloaded before you can view Netflix US on it. This requires a visit to the app store of that device, but remember to visit the US app store, since you want to run US Netflix on the device in the first place.