DNS Codes for American Netflix – Do They Work

As you may know, because of copyrights and other broadcasting rights the American Netflix library is more than twice the size of our little AU library.

The US Netflix has more content than all other regions combined, so it is easy to understand why anyone would want to switch over to the US library, especially since it won’t cost anything extra.

You simply need to switch your region to that of the US (easier said than done), and you will be set.

Netflix in Australia

Getting access to hundreds more shows and movies without any extra charges is a dream come true for many binge watchers like me.

Netflix DNS codes, what are they?

If I start explaining how DNS codes work, then this article will be much longer, and by the end of it, you will simply be a little bit more confused. Although it is not easy, I will try to explain to the best of abilities and in the simplest of terms.

DNS stands for Domain Name System; this is an internet service whose purpose is to translate domain names (domain names are Netflix DNS codesthe name you see in the URL bar, it is the name of the website with which there are other IP addresses associated) into IP addresses.

What you need to know is that they are a gimmick and not an actual solution in this particular case.

Using DNS codes is very risky for some reasons. First of all, and the biggest and most real problem, is fake codes.

Hackers from all over the world use fake DNS codes. And whenever a person uses the code, their personal and financial information is stolen by anyone on the other end of it.

Secondly, Netflix has started to come down HARD on DNS codes and blocks them every few hours. Hence new DNS codes pop up every few minutes, and god knows which of them is safe to use.

Recently hackers have become smarter and smarter. They will keep fake DNS codes active, not giving away the fact that your information is being stolen in the background.

The more you use it, the worse it gets. And there isn’t any way to be 100% sure that it is safe.

So far from what I have seen, using a VPN service is the most secure, safe and long term option available for anyone that wants to switch over to the US library.

ExpressVPN unblock American Netflix in Australia

Although they have a monthly fee of a few dollars, it is worth every penny. All of your data is protected, and best of all, they have servers located all over the world, allowing you to switch regions whenever you wish and if you use a service like ExpressVPN you will bypass the proxy error.

Say you are in the mood for some Japanese or Chinese martial arts movies or TV shows, switch over to the respective region and you might just find what you are looking for.

For all new customers, there is a Netflix free trial that lasts an entire month.

Netflix secret codes are some hidden categories that are available to watch on Netflix.

If there is a site that’s offering Netflix 12 months’ free codes, you can be sure there is something fishy going on.

No one is that good, and everything has a price, the only difference is whether or not you are aware of the price.

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