Netflix vs Hulu Plus Comparison Guide

Netflix and Hulu both are streaming services, and some of the biggest in the entire world, but there are some key differences that set them apart.

The biggest difference is that Hulu Plus is not available outside of the US at all. However, Netflix is available in most of the world now, including here in Australia, but the AU or any other library is not comparable with the US Netflix library.

Netflix vs Hulu Plus

Hulu movie selection vs Netflix

This is one of the defining areas that set these two services apart. Hulu is focused more towards TV shows than movies. Although it does have its fair share of movies, they are nowhere near as many offered in the American Netflix library. Netflix has over 90 million members worldwide, with about 55-60% located in the US. And Hulu has about 12 million members.

You can watch shows from most of the major US networks on Hulu Plus, so if you’re a big soap opera fan, then Hulu is the way to go.


Prices differences: Hulu Plus vs Netflix

Hulu offers its base package at $7.99, with commercials. If you want to watch uninterrupted streams, then you will have to pay an extra $4 to remove these adds, totaling to $11.99.

Netflix offers three different plans. First, one will cost $7.99 per month and can be viewed on one screen only in standard definition. Second and the most popular plan costs $9.99 a month with the support for up to two screens and High Definition. The third option is for avid TV show/movie addicts, it costs $11.99 a month, and all of the applicable content can be viewed in HD and Ultra HD (4K format), on as many as four screens simultaneously.

Hulu movie selection vs Netflix


The TV shows on Hulu Plus are available much faster (almost right after they finish airing), whereas on Netflix it takes considerably longer. But it more than makes up for it with its massive library of exclusive original content.

This, however, does not mean Hulu doesn’t offer any original content. On the contrary, Hulu has been behind some of the best comedy shows that are still airing to this date, as well as those that have already ended.

I don’t know if it’s because of copyrights or some other reason, but Hulu usually won’t have all the episodes of an ongoing TV show, they might not even be in any sequence, which is extremely frustrating.

US Netflix library

Netflix offers finished series and entire seasons at that, so it is perfect if you like to binge watch shows instead of waiting every week for a new episode.

But Netflix licenses its content from content creators and owners, meaning a show that you were watching a few days ago might not be available later on due to the expiration of license agreements.

Because of region restrictions, Hulu Plus Australia is not possible at this time. But by using a VPN service such as ExpressVPN, you can have complete access to Hulu Plus and the US Netflix library.

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