The Best War Movies on Netflix

netflix war movies‘War is hell,’ was the famed quote by General William Tecumseh Sherman, but Hollywood has since decided that it is also the perfect setting for a movie.

It might be undeniably horrific to experience first-hand, but war pushes human beings to their limits, placing us in mortal danger, putting us through an emotional grinder, yet also giving us rare opportunities to show courage and grace. Such complexity of emotion and personal development is, thus, an ideal backdrop for a movie.

What makes a war movie great is up for debate. For some, it is the huge scope of historic battle scenes, while to others perfection lies in the inclusion of every tiny detail in a war flick. Sometimes, it is about presenting a historic event in a different perspective.

War Movies

Here is a selection of American Netflix exclusive films that you won’t find in other regions – some will terrify you, others inspire, and some will push your nerves to the limit. They’re all good war movies, but the list has something for everyone in it:

Enemy At The GatesEnemy At The Gates

This is an excellent Second World War film that became a sleeper hit, mainly because it was a story about Russian snipers, which just isn’t as appealing to US audiences who prefer tales of their own heroes. Also, it followed in thewake of a major blockbuster by the name of Saving Private Ryan which had taken up most of the war film fandom by storm.



Apocalypse NowApocalypse Now

This masterpiece by Francis Ford Coppola is a take on the terrible excesses of the Vietnam War, and a retelling of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. For classic war movie aficionados, getting a Netflix US subscription through a VPN US IP service or smart DNS service, to watch this movie alone is reason enough!




The Longest DayThe Longest Day

Starring the greats from the Golden Age of Hollywood – Sean Connery, Henry Fonda and John Wayne, among others, this movie brings to life one of the biggest amphibian invasions in the history of military warfare – the Allies’ triumphant storming of Normandy – D-Day.




The Great EscapeThe Great Escape

Besides casting Steve McQueen in arguably his most iconic role ever, this flick happens to be an excellent take on WWII, but with a twist. Instead of portraying the brutality of the Great War, it showcases the strength of human spirit, leading to a thrilling prison break!




Rescue DawnRescue Dawn

Casting Christian Bale as German Bale as German-American pilot Dieter Dengler, it tells the story of what the pilot experienced after being shot down in Laos while the Vietnam War raged. Werner Herzog, the eccentric German auteur responsible for this flick, is also the creator of the documentary which inspired it.

These were but a glimpse of the best military movies on Netflix, but if you’re a true war buff, you’ll also enjoy the Netflix BBC documentaries which also have plenty of authentic content on global conflicts. Your best bet will be to get a US Netflix subscription, since it has the most extensive library to choose from.