What Are The Top TV Shows Online On Netflix Right Now?

TV Shows Online

Long gone are the days of getting VHS video cassettes from your local BlockBuster and watching your favorite TV shows. Today streaming TV shows are one of the best ways to watch, and as internet speeds increase TV shows online is a possibility. Today you will discover, as well as the best movies , some of the best TV shows online right now on NetFlix!

tv shows onlineThe Current Top TV Shows Online On Netflix:

  • Sherlock Streaming TV  Online
  • Archer Streaming TV On Netflix
  • Scrubs Streaming Shows On Netflix
  • House Of Cards Shows Online
  • Doctor Who TV Shows On Netflix
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer On Netflix

Sherlock Streaming TV Shows Online

Who doesn’t remember Sherlock Holmes and Watson partnering together to root out crime. The updated remake of this crime thriller is available on Netflix with 2 of the 3 seasons showing.

Funny, fast paced with brilliant acting it is a series you will want to tune into. With Netflix you can be sure you can watch these as well as many other amazing streaming shows online on Netflix.

Archer Streaming TV Shows On Netflix

If you have watched Simpsons you will love Archer. An original style sitcom, Archer can take a few episodes before you fully get into it. Once there the unique animated sitcom will have you coming up with quotes and phrases in this spy spoof.

Netflix currently has 3 of 5 seasons showing.

Scrubs Streaming TV Shows On Netflix

Scrubs the medical sitcom has 9 seasons and all of them can be found streaming on Netflix. With 11 million people watching the first series on average, Scrubs streaming on Netflix is a great way to catch those funny episodes.

House Of Cards TV Shows Online

House of Cards is a production by NetFlix and is one of there first focused drives at creating original TV shows to watch. Currently with 1 season now showing on American Netflix and an estimated $100m dollar budget and stars like Kevin Spacey, you can be sure that you will enjoy House of Cards in it’s home – Netflix!

Doctor Who TV Shows On Netflix

Who doesn’t remember Doctor Who? Fans in the millions around the world, and many decades of adding to the original series, Dr Who from the BBC is one to watch for all Sci-Fi fans. 6 of 7 in the seasons is available on Netflix not including the classic versions!

If you haven’t been able to collect the DVD boxed sets, then you can find and watch all your favorite episodes available on Netflix.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer On Netflix

Who doesn’t remember the teenage witch Buffy! With all 7 seasons, you can watch Sarah Michelle Gellar with her friends slay those vampires on Netflix.

These are only a small part of what Netflix streaming TV online provides. If you haven’t got your membership yet, be sure to try it!

Want to watch TV online well now you can with US Netflix anytime you want. Streaming TV shows is the future of television