How to Watch BBC iPlayer Outside of the UK

BBC is the oldest and the most prominent public TV broadcasting service in the UK. Even with so many private competitors around, BBC has maintained its relevance and is still the most popular UK TV service.

And BBC iPlayer, its online video streaming service has a considerable amount of fans. It provides live and catch up TV for the programmes that air on BBC One – Two, Three, Four – BBC News and CBBC.

How to access iPlayer?

The service of iPlayer is through its website, and you can get it through the browsers on Windows or Macs. For the mobile devices, there are apps to watch the TV programmes with a cellular connection when travelling.

Unblock BBC iPlayer Outside UKMoreover, you can catch your favorite episodes of EastEnders, Dragons’ Den, Silent Witness or Match of the Day even on your Smart TV.

The iPlayer also allows you to download and watch BBC online content later, offline. You have to register with name, log in details and a valid UK postcode, and off you go. You can now watch everything available on the website without any ad breaks. Moreover, the service is free.

But how does BBC provide the service for free? Well, to understand that you have to know about the licensing system in the UK.

How does the UK TV license system work?

As per the rules, you need to have a TV license to watch or record programmes of any TV channel. So, if you want to watch or download content from the BBC iPlayer, BBC assumes that you have a valid TV license. It’s required whether you watch live, catch up or on-demand programmes.

BBC iPlayer TV ProgrammeYou should have a license, irrespective of the content provider or device you use for watching the content. BBC iPlayer is available on a range of devices from TVs to set-top boxes and portable devices to gaming consoles.

As of now, BBC collects a TV license fee for two different services – the color TV license costs £147, and for a black and white TV license, it’s £49.50. There are concessions though, for some. This license fee is valid for a year before you need to pay again.

Now, you know how BBC makes a profit. It is used to fund the various BBC services, and the license also entitles you to watch programmes from other providers or content of external sites linked by BBC. Here’s what the BBC’s content copyright statement says.

About copyright of external sites

Apart from pages of BBC, the BBC online site has links to external sites too. These links are either relevant to the content or mayBBC online site contain further information on the topic you are enjoying.

And according to the statement of copyright 2018, BBC is not responsible for the content present on the external websites or other content providers.

Whether the external content provider or the site gives you free access to its resources or asks you to register/subscribe, BBC is not responsible. It doesn’t create or update the content on external sites.

Well, that was all you need to know for now. If you want more to read about, our approach to External Linking section is there to help. Now, let’s see how to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Watch BBC iPlayer in Australia

As the service of BBC comes under the TV licensing system of the UK, the service is not allowed outside the British boundaries. You can though use a VPN service to get access.

You won’t need a license as those with iPlayer running only on internet-connected devices don’t need one.

BBC iPlayer in AustraliaVirtual Private Networks hide your US IP address and provide you with a new virtual IP address. So, when you connect your device to a UK VPN server, you get a British IP address.
This tricks BBC into thinking that you are in the UK. I would recommend you to use ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN has many servers in the UK, and it also has a strong encryption system. With the encryption, you can be sure your ISP or BBC won’t know you are streaming from the US.

Express VPN is also one of the high speed VPN service providers to let you stream without any buffering or network delays.

Once your connection to a VPN server is successful, you can watch any programme available on the BBC online site.

Apart from the movies, you can watch the box set of shows which contain episodes right from S01E01. Register an account and enjoy hours of free entertainment with iPlayer.

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